Scientific Name

Atrax robustus
Dangerous Animal

Funnel-webs are large black spiders and range in size from 1.5cm - 5cm.

Funnel-webs live in burrows in sheltered positions in the ground, or in stumps, tree trunks or ferns above the ground. Their burrows are lined with a sock of opaque white silk and several strong strands of silk radiating from the entrance. Males wander at night, especially during or after rain, and may come into houses.

They eat insects, their larvae, snails, millipedes, skins, frogs or other small creatures.

If you are in a known funnel-web area wear gloves when gardening, know what a burrow looks like, and wear shoes when walking. 

Their bite is venomous and is potentially lethal is some rare, extreme cases. If you are bitten, seek urgent medical attention or call an ambulance.