Ficus coronata

This rainforest fig is a small to medium-sized, hardy tree. Sandpaper Fig has a much smaller root system than many other fig trees. This tree’s weeping growth habit makes it an elegant ornamental tree, as well as a practical shade plant or attractive hedge.

Sandpaper Fig gets its name from its rough, sandpaper-like leaves. Though it doesn’t sound appetising, this ancient fig tree produces a very sweet fruit. Fruits ripen from January to June and may be plucked straight off the tree or collected off the ground. They can be eaten fresh (after removing the skin) or dried, or cooked into cakes, pies, biscuits, jellies, jams or sauces.

Adapted to a range of habitats including gullies, creeks, rainforests, open country and sheltered rocky areas.

It tolerates cold climates, poor soils, low light, heavy pruning. Its ideal growing conditions involve plenty of light (full sun to part shade), plenty of space and moisture, and year-round warmth.