Common Brushtailed Possum

Scientific Name

Trichosurus vulpecula
Native Animals

Brush-tailed possums are nocturnal animals and are one of the most abundant marsupials on the Northern Beaches. Brush-tailed possums are as large as a domestic cat, have a pointed snout and large ears. They have sharp claws which they use to climb trees and comb their fur.

Where do they live?

Brush-tailed possums are a nocturnal animal which can be found in forests and woodlands across the Northern Beaches. During the day, they retreat to a hollow log, tree trunk or dark area like your roof. The brush-tailed possum is an agile climber and you may see them regularly climbing your trees.

What do they eat?

In the wild, they eat leaves, flowers and fruit, but in suburbia they will eat almost anything, including meat. They have strong teeth and often use their front paws to hold their food while eating. The brush-tailed possum has adapted to the urban environment and thrives within our suburbs. Around our homes, brush-tailed possums are determined foragers with a liking for fruit trees, vegetable gardens and kitchen scraps.

Removal of Possums

Trapping or relocating possums without a licence is illegal. Follow these steps and guidelines to share our urban environment and ensure our roofs stay possum free.

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