A pest animal is an animal that was either originally domesticated and escaped into the wild or an animal brought from its native environment into a foreign one. Most feral animals were brought to Australia to control a different pest population. 

There are feral animals thriving on the Northern Beaches and Council is responsible for controlling these populations.

Warning message

Current fox baiting program

The following reserves will be closed to dogs from Mon 15 Feb to Thu 1 Apr (inclusive). Cats are prohibited in these reserves at all times. Warning signs will be displayed.

  • Manly Dam, Manly Vale
  • Allenby Park, Allambie Heights
  • Forestville Park, Forestville
  • Middle Creek Reserve, Oxford Falls

‘Foxoff® Econobait’ will be laid between Mon 15 Feb and Thu 4 Mar. The baits are designed specifically for fox control and contain 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate).  Find out more

Cane Toads

Cane toads are a major threat to native animals and the Northern Beaches are at risk of invasion.


Cats are highly valued companion pets but can also have a devastating effect on native animals. There are steps you can take to help keep your cat ...


Foxes are feral animals in Australia. They have spread throughout most of the country including our Northern Beaches.

Indian Mynas

Myna birds are invasive with feral colonies on the Northern Beaches. Council is involved in managing myna populations.


Feral rabbits are a declared pests on the Northern Beaches. Council is involved in managing rabbit populations.

Photo: Cameron Webb (NSW Health Pathology)


NSW Health is encouraging residents in the Northern Beaches to protect themselves against mosquitoes following the detection of Barmah Forest virus...