Sydney Freshwater Wetlands in the Sydney Basin Bioregion is a vegetation community found in freshwater swamps in swales and depressions on sand dunes and low nutrient sandplains sites on coastal areas. This community is comprised of a mosaic community with considerable variation die to fluctuating water levels and seasonal conditions.

It is characterised by sedges and aquatics including Eleocharis sphacelata, Baumea juncea, Baumea rubiginosa, Gahnia Sieberiana and Ludwigia peploides with small shrubs Melaleuca linariifolia, Callistemon citrinus and Banksia robur. They act as filters, protect areas from erosion and support  many animals.

You can find this community at Warriewood Wetlands, Dee Why Lagoon Wildlife Refuge, Dee Why Wetland, Deep Creek and Nareen Wetland.