Swamp sclerophyll forest on coastal floodplains has an open to dense tree layer of eucalypts and paperbarks, some taller than 25 metres. It is a community of plants that are found close to standing water on soils that are either waterlogged or subject to periodic flooding. 

This community of plants has several layers of vegetation including trees, shrubs, ground covers and wetland plants such as reeds and sedges. The dominant trees include Eucalyptus robusta, Livistona australis and Melaleuca ericifolia, shrubs species include Acacia longifolia, Banksia spinulosa, Callistemon salignus and ground covers Baumea Spp, Calochlaena dubia, Gahnia Spp., and Blechnum indicum.

Swamp sclerophyll forest can be found at Warriewood Wetlands, Irrawong Reserve, Narrabeen Lagoon and Narrabeen Creek.