Thursday, 1 February 2018

Ten new, portable water fountains will be made available at future Council events.

It is part of the push by Council to tackle the wasteful and damaging proliferation of single use plastics, including bottled water.

We encourage people to bring their own reusable water bottles and use the refill stations. By bringing your own water bottle and refilling it at the portable water stations, you are helping the environment by avoiding waste and conserving non-renewable resources, plus you’ll save money!

Council aims to promote best practice waste management through waste avoidance, resource recovery and sustainable procurement practices at all public events held in the Northern Beaches local government area.

Council also aims to take a leadership role in the elimination of Single Use Plastics, advocating for legislative change, and influencing and enabling responsible consumption practices.

Council will phase out single use plastics in its own operations and encourage staff, the community and local businesses to do the same.

An estimated 420 million plastic bottles enter Australia’s marine environment every year (Boomerang Alliance)

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