A comprehensive strategy which looks at short, medium and long term solutions to manage sand build up at the Narrabeen Lagoon entrance and reduce the risk of flooding in the catchment has been endorsed by Northern Beaches Council.

The management strategy was the result of extensive analysis and review of options by coastal experts and included several phases of community consultation. Council will now begin to implement the prioritised actions outlined in the Strategy including:

  • trialling more frequent but smaller sand clearance operations (every two-three years rather than four-five years)
  • developing a more flexible set of the conditions which trigger Council intervention to open the lagoon if required
  • adjusting the alignment for the pilot channel
  • reshaping and revegetating the denuded part of Birdwood Park dune to assist with sand stabilisation
  • investigating the financial viability of mobile sand pumping as a longer term alternative to trucking.

Mayor Michael Regan said managing the lagoon entrance was complex.   

“Unfortunately, there is no one quick fix which will stop the flood risk on the Narrabeen floodplain. Locals will know that in recent times large seas and heavy rainfall have caused some flood damage, despite the lagoon entrance being open to the ocean.

“This strategy is about ensuring we have canvassed numerous appropriate options using the best available science, and has identified and prioritised actions we can put in place to reduce the risk as much as we can.

“While we never stopped managing the entrance during development of the Strategy, it’s important to now have a formal strategy in place to guide our activities and have a forward plan for the more significant medium to longer term actions.  

“Thank you to all in the community who attended information sessions and provided feedback on both the original options paper and the draft Strategy.”

The final Strategy will be available on Council’s website in the coming days.