As the Northern Beaches charges ahead with electric vehicle (EV) uptake, new EV chargers are popping up across the Peninsula, including most recently at Winbourne Road in Brookvale, Ocean Street in Narrabeen and Lagoon Street Carpark at Narrabeen.

There are now more than 20 EV charging locations across the Northern Beaches with many more in the pipeline, making it one of the fastest growing areas for EV uptake.

Northern Beaches Deputy Mayor Sue Heins welcomed the new additions to the EV charging network.

“The state government is aiming for 52% of new vehicle sales to be electric by 2030 and the federal government is aiming for 89%, so we really need to ensure our community has the right infrastructure to support EV uptake,” the Deputy Mayor said.

“Council is leading by example, continually adding electric vehicles to our fleet. We are heartened to see Northern Beaches residents making the switch to electric and we want to support them by offering more places for them to charge their vehicle using certified green energy.”

Recent additions to the network were installed by JOLT and include two new chargers on Council land in Narrabeen and a new charger in Brookvale. This brings the number of JOLT chargers on the Beaches to eight. 

JOLT’s network is powered by 100% Australian certified green energy and provides EV drivers with free, fast charging. EV owners pay nothing for the first 7kWh every day. 

JOLT CEO, Doug McNamee said EV chargers on the Northern Beaches have become some of the most utilised chargers in Australia.

“The JOLT EV chargers in the Northern Beaches are some of our most popular charging locations in Sydney and we have been receiving positive feedback from the local EV owners in the area,” Mr McNamee said.

“As the drivers are fitting EV charging within their daily routine, whether that’s getting grocery or a coffee, there’s been high traffic and need for more chargers. With the addition of new chargers to the area, we’re excited to help drivers to travel even more freely without range anxiety.”

Late last year, Council also announced its involvement in the new Intellihub EV Streetside Charging Project that will see at least 5 EV chargers installed on street side power poles.

According to the Australian Government, the transport sector is responsible for a whopping 19% of Australia’s total carbon emissions. Encouraging uptake of electric vehicles is a great way to reduce our carbon emissions.

Council is aiming for a 30 percent reduction in vehicle emissions by 2038, as outlined in our MOVE Northern Beaches Transport Strategy.

Council currently has five fully electric, five plug-in hybrid and 15 hybrid vehicles in its fleet, with many more fully electric models to arrive later this year.

Check out the map of publicly available EV chargers here