Thursday, 29 November 2018


This week Council’s planning, logistics, intelligence and public information experts established a central incident team to monitor conditions and crews worked quickly to address any impacts of the east coast low which hit the area as well as broader Sydney yesterday.

The Incident Management Team was established on Tuesday following the Severe Weather Warnings for rain, wind, swell and flooding issued by the Bureau of Meteorology. Hundreds of staff were deployed on the ground, working across the Northern Beaches, alongside other emergency services responding to localised flooding, fallen trees and debris.

Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan has commended the swift response by the incident team and crews on the ground responding to this 1-in-100 year weather event.

“We have learnt many lessons from the severe storms that lashed our coastline in 2016.

“As normal practice for extreme weather warnings we now establish an Incident Management Team with a highly experienced and specifically trained staff to manage any impacts from a central location in a highly coordinated and integrated way.

“The team closely monitor weather forecasts, flooding, sand erosion and ocean conditions and liaised closely with emergency service agencies.

“Certainly I think the community would be assured to know such a serious and professional approach was being applied by their Council in the event of major incidents,” he said.

Mayor Regan said most calls Council received from residents related to localised flooding, fallen trees and debris.

“Council’s Construction and Maintenance Team attended to 46 jobs which included flooded roads, blocked drains and pits, fences being blown over and drainage maintenance.

“We also had 23 reports of trees down across the peninsula and 30 branches causing obstruction.

“Our teams were on the ground closely monitoring our lagoons and known flooding hot spots to manage issues as they arose.

“In additional to responding to calls, Council officers were also proactive in minimising the impacts of the rain event around the region.” Mayor Regan said.

The total rainfall for yesterday was 132mm, winds reached 60km/hr and wave height peaked at 4.1m at about 9pm last night.

All waterways including Manly Lagoon, Manly Dam, Curl Curl Lagoon, Dee why Lagoon, Curl Curl Lagoon, Narrabeen Lagoon and Great Mackerel Lagoon were closely monitored without incident.

Marine Parade at Manly was closed yesterday to ensure pedestrian safety from the ocean swell; however, it has also re-opened.

All beaches along the coast remain closed due to a combination of dangerous surf and stormwater pollution.

Following the weather conditions easing overnight, the Incident Management Team ceased operations at 8am this morning.

As part of our normal practice, Council will continue to monitor the weather, all our lagoons, issues with trees and roads and respond accordingly as part of business as usual.