Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Northern Beaches residents can register for a free worm farm or compost bin from Wednesday 15 May under a new Council initiative to support residents to get on board the war on waste.

“We all have a duty to reduce our footprint and compost bins and worm farms are a great way to avoid sending food scraps and garden waste to landfill,” Mayor Michael Regan said.

“According to the EPA, more than a third of the contents of an average red lid garbage bin in NSW is wasted food - around $3,800 worth for every household.

“We can all shop better and reduce what we throw out but of course, there will always be some food waste that we can’t avoid.

“A worm farm on your verandah or a compost bin in your backyard is a relatively easy way to help the environment plus it produces environmentally friendly, natural fertiliser that your garden and pot plants will love.

“And kids love a worm farm – and they can learn about how to help to better our environment literally in their own backyard, how good is that.

”With our new waste service coming on line in July and a concerted effort by our community to get on board the war on waste, this is a great time to introduce this initiative.”

Choosing between a compost bin or worm farm often depends on the type of garden you have. The ideal location for a compost bin is somewhere with sun and good drainage. In contrast, a worm farm thrives in good shade and is suitable for courtyards, balconies and small gardens.

Residents can register online to receive a voucher, which can be used to redeem a free compost bin or worm farm from a convenient pick up location in Manly (52 Raglan St) or Mona Vale (1 Park St) during business hours.

*Please note, the allocation of worm farms and composts bins has now been exhausted. Customer inquiries: 1300 434 434 or