Northern Beaches Council is reviewing the judgment of the Land and Environment Court relating to Station Beach dog areas while continuing to explore the feasibility of unleashed dog areas on parts of North Palm Beach and the southern-most end of Mona Vale Beach.

The Court’s decision last Friday means that the off-leash trial and current on-leash area may not continue on Station Beach at this stage. The Court found that development consent is not required.  Council is further considering the need for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

As a result of the judgement, Council will remove the signage allowing the current on-leash arrangements at Station Beach and replace this with ‘dogs prohibited’ signage.

Mayor Michael Regan said Council resolved at its meeting in July to prepare a report on the feasibility of off-leash arrangements at sections of North Palm Beach and Mona Vale Beach and this work is proceeding.

“Station Beach has been explored as a site for an off-leash dog trial over many years and we believed we had followed a robust and appropriate process to ensure it could proceed in an environmentally safe way.  

“Council is continuing to review the judgment and its implications.

“In the meantime I look forward to considering the feasibility study at North Palm Beach and the southern-most end of Mona Vale Beach.”