Northern Beaches Council has revealed its new visual identity, after six months of broad-scale community consultation and research.

Northern Beaches Council Chief Executive Officer Mark Ferguson said the new identity embodies a shared vision from deep within the local community.

“Our new identity was developed by the community for the community and echoes the charm and extraordinary nature of the Northern Beaches.

Love for the natural environment, vibrant and thriving villages and collaborative community were common themes that shined through each step of the process.

“It speaks about everything we are and brings everybody together,” said resident Lorrie Morgan.

Some 2000 local representatives including residents, businesses, Indigenous representatives, a community advisory panel, staff, members of the Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) and Local Representative Committee (LRC) participated and provided insights during extensive workshops, interviews, pop-ups and online exercises.

“We were really listened to and the designs, they are fantastic concepts that represent everything we’re about - the movement, the friendliness of what we are. It represents us!” said local Penny Philpot.

Reflecting on the consultation and end result, Implementation Advisory Group Chairperson Jean Hay says, “It has certainly paid off and we’ve now ended up with something which is really unique and represents the Northern Beaches.”

As a newly merged Council, it is essential that the identity accurately reflects the community’s shared vision.

“By evolving the Northern Beaches identity in such close consultation with our community the end result is both authentic and spectacular.”

“Our goal, from start to finish, was for the community to create something that echoes the heartbeat of the Northern Beaches and reflects their great pride and sense of self. We also wanted to create something that inspires future success for Council and our community,” Mr Ferguson said.

“The many projects that informed the development of our new identity have encouraged the community to deeply consider what makes this place special and unique, well beyond our beautiful beaches.”

The identity will be rolled out gradually across the area including the built and natural environment, as well as Council’s operations and communication channels.

Council’s identity was developed in conjunction with its digital and information architecture, which will guide Council’s online presence including social media and soon-to-arrive new website. Providing the Northern Beaches community, visitors and others with a contemporary and agile web interface that delivers comprehensive, accurate and timely information and functionality for all Council services, products and facilities.

The music featured in the video comes from local indie-folk band Sons of the East. In a statement from the band about the soundtrack used one of the band members said, “We wrote as a band and always felt it reflected the beaches where we grew up. Manly is our hometown and has been such a great place to form and grow a band. We’ve played at so many places around the Northern Beaches and we’ve always enjoyed it.”

This project was a requirement of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet prior to Local Government Elections in September 2017.

Video of the community and staff co-creating the new identity