• Tyler Wright competing in the Sydney Surf Pro 2020

Thursday, 5 August 2021

Great news has landed today, the World Surf League (WSL) will be returning to the Northern Beaches in 2022. Our world-famous Manly Beach has been chosen to host the Sydney Surf Pro Challenger Series between May 17 and 24. 

Over 150 of the world’s best surfers will descend on Manly Beach to compete in the Challenger Series event as they look to secure a spot on the 2023 Championship Tour.

The event offers a much-needed boost to our local economy, is welcome news for our local businesses and something for everyone to look forward to.  

Northern Beaches Council and the State Government will sponsor the event for elite athletes who have a huge fan following in the surfing world. The event is expected to draw millions through TV and digital audiences.

The 2022 WSL Challenger Series consists of eight events between May and December 2022.

For more information visit World Surf League

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