Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Art in places you wouldn't expect is a pretty magical thing, and that's exactly what the latest mural in Manly is.

The access tunnel from the Pacific Waves carpark out to Sydney Road was identified by the community as feeling unsafe. It’s a long, narrow winding passage and confusing to people trying to navigate out of the Carpark and onto Sydney Road.

Council commissioned local artist Brent Turner (Brentos) to transform a once derelict walkway into art you can experience, and so Brentos set out with the purpose of making you 'feel happy' as you walk from the carpark onto the Corso.

Brentos painted away day and night for three months, to complete the 50-metre mural - working some days until 2am! He went above and beyond (literally) painting the walls and even covering the ceilings with 44 wildlife characters, even adding in functional directions into his designs. He also mentored a handful of local young artists who helped with the project along the way.

Being passionate about local wildlife, Brentos covered the mural top to bottom in pastel kangaroos, a flying fox, kookaburras, an echidna, magpies, rainbow lorikeets and of course cheeky seagulls.

So, as you walk down Sydney Road, tucked between acai bowls and frothy coffees, keep an eye out for the doorway to Pacific Waves Carpark and you’ll unlock the secret mural.

The mural was funded under the Federal Government Safer Communities Grant, which is used for improved safety in laneways around Manly by installing a combination of lights, CCTV and murals.

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