cars parked on a street
Thursday, 16 November 2023

Parking times along Wentworth Street and South Steyne have been adjusted to align with nearby areas and improve parking turnover for evening dining and entertainment trade.

Residents with Northern Beaches Beach Parking Permits can continue to park for four hours along the beachfront. However, away from North and South Steyne beachfront area, sign restrictions apply.

The changes were made to improve parking turnover later in the evening when there is often a large influx of people coming into the area for the evening dining and entertainment trade. This will reduce frustration of night-time visitors not being able to park and help small businesses.

 Some minor changes were made to the timing of some zones to bring parking restrictions in line with adjoining areas. This now means that for most of the beach and CBD areas, unrestricted parking begins at 10pm and streamline parking times gives consistency across the area making it easier for locals and visitors.

The changes are as follows:

  • The existing 2P restriction in South Steyne (between Wentworth Street and Ashburner Street) which currently applies from 8.30am - 6pm will be extended to operate 7am - 10pm.
  • Updating existing parking restrictions to apply 7am - 10pm in Wentworth Street (between South Steyne and East Esplanade) and The Corso (between Darley Road and Whistler Street). 
  • Extending the existing Mon - Sat 6 - 9am loading zone outside 17 - 23 Wentworth Street to everyday
  • Introducing a 30-minute timed parking restriction applied between 6 - 10pm everyday in existing 6am - 6pm loading zone spaces in Market Place and Wentworth Street.

Parking changes were approved through the Northern Beaches Council Local Traffic Committee at the May 2023 and October 2023 meetings.

Residents are welcome to share feedback with Council by emailing us at

We will take this into consideration as part of our review of parking in Manly scheduled for April 2024, to ensure they are working for the community.

Image for reference: Northern Beaches Council Beach Parking Permit