Thursday, 24 November 2022

We're trialling a floating ecosystem on Curl Curl Lagoon and it’s beginning to show signs of success.

Wetland plants sitting in soil-filled pockets on the floating pontoon are helping to filter and clean the lagoon water. They’re also providing a handy sanctuary for aquatic animals and birds.

The floating wetland project, which was originally testing aquatic plants at the North Curl Curl Community Nursery, has been floating on the lagoon since February this year.

After being washed closer to shore earlier in the year due to storms, the team repositioned the pontoon and replanted the damaged plants.

The good news is the plants have since survived the flooding, the changing water chemistry and the grazing of hungry waterbirds.

While recent heavy rains have impacted the water quality of the lagoon, the trial may help to reduce some of the excess nutrients and sediment.

Curl Curl Lagoon Friends President Paula Cowan said she was pleased to see the project gaining some momentum.

“Unfortunately, Curl Curl Lagoon has a legacy issue of being adjacent to an old tip site which still impacts the water quality to this day.”

“We should be trying everything we can to help improve the water quality and support the birdlife and aquatic life of the lagoon. Projects like this can make a big difference.”

The project is receiving funding from a grant under the federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science's Community Environment Program.

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