Monday, 13 November 2023

Being part of your community isn’t about just living in the same area, it’s about connecting with those around you to make a place truly feel like a home.

Small acts of giving back can create big ripples of change. To celebrate World Kindness Day (Monday 13 November), here are five ways you can give back today.

  1. Donate your time

One of the best ways to give back is by lending a hand. There are volunteer opportunities at local not for profits, schools, sporting clubs, and so many other organisations across the Northern Beaches that could use your help. Check out this page with volunteering opportunities.

  1. Check in on your neighbours

Take a moment to check in on those living near you, especially elderly neighbours or anyone who might need assistance. A simple wave, an offer to help carry groceries or take their bins out can make a big difference.

  1. Shop local this Christmas

When you start looking to check off your Christmas list, try and buy what you can locally. Pop into local boutiques for unique gifts, buy vouchers from local restaurants and cafes, and where possible buy from local butchers and grocers. You’ll be supporting your neighbours and your community.

  1. Pick up that piece of litter

We get it – it’s annoying that people litter at all. Our cleansing teams work hard to keep our area looking its best but if you see a piece of litter and it’s safe to do so, please pick it up and throw it in the bin. That small gesture can save it from going into our waterways, oceans and bushland.

If you’re looking to team up and make a bigger difference, join one of the many amazing community groups who do clean ups on the Northern Beaches. Check out the many incredible local environmental community groups.

  1. Become an organ donor and donate blood

Becoming an organ donor can save lives. Register as an organ donor or and share your wishes with your loved ones or donate lifesaving blood.

If you would like tips and resources on how to build better connections with those around you, our It Takes a Village program can help with a fun four week challenge. Sign up with a friend or neighbour and start building stronger connections in your neighbourhood.