Friday, 8 October 2021

Next time you’re down around Curl Curl Lagoon you might notice something really exciting: it has become a paradise for native waterbirds!

Bird surveys by local volunteers over the past five years have identified at least 80 species who call the lagoon home.

They come in all sizes too – from majestic Royal Spoonbills and Black Swans, Great Egrets and slender White Faced Herons, to the smaller Coots, Chestnut Teals and Pacific Black Ducks.

The lagoon is a vital breeding ground for all the waterbirds who make their homes among the reeds.

Our local birdwatchers have established that it is also a haven when wetlands further inland begin to dry out. The birds migrate to coastal lagoons to feed and shelter.

Pollution control and other rehabilitation efforts of Council and volunteers are starting to pay off too: water quality was recently rated ‘B’, the best result in many years.

Council has also trialled a floating wetland at Curl Curl Community Nursery’s tank facility – and plans to install two new wetlands just upstream from the duck pond – where we’ll grow native wetland plants to add food and shelter across the lagoon.

While you can spot many species from the lagoon shores, the two best viewing spots are Griffin Road bridge and the duck pond bridge at the end of Park Street. You might also hear them calling to each other from their hidden homes!

So whenever you’re down around Curl Curl Lagoon, keep an eye – and an ear – out for our amazing birdlife.

And if you get a good photo, be sure to let us know via email.  

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