E-bike rider along Manly Beach front
Monday, 13 May 2024

There's no denying there is a marked spike in e-bikes on the Northern Beaches and while they are a great environmentally friendly transport option, we’ve heard many people in the community no longer feel safe walking on footpaths due to the riding behaviour of some.

Council is tackling the problem by launching an educational and behavioural change campaign to help riders know the road rules, ride safely and respect other road users. 

Encompassing a 30 sec video detailing “the code,” the video provides tips and suggestions to motivate safe behaviour around pedestrians when riding these bikes. 

Through a digital, social and outdoor campaign using signage across our shared path network, the campaign is aimed at young people and their parents and to reassure the community we are taking action to keep the community safe. 

What is the e-bike code?

  1. Slow down to walking pace when others are on the path 
  2. Ring your bell and call ‘on your right’ to let others know you’re approaching 
  3. Be ready for sudden changes – people, pets and prams can be unpredictable  

Council has worked closely with a behavioural architect, local police, Bicycle NSW and schools to tackle the issue and keep not only riders but the community safe. 

Along with the engaging video, educational resources will be rolled out across social media and shared with parents, schools and bicycle stores.

In addition to a Council resolution to develop a safety campaign, Council has also written to the NSW Minister for Roads and Transport, encouraging them to initiate a state-wide education campaign on e-bike usage and instigate a review of the relevant road rules. 

This month the Mayor also wrote to 128 Councils across the state encouraging them to follow suit to take action on growing safety concerns. 

Council also submitted a motion to the Local Government NSW 2023 Annual Conference held in November to advocate for a state-wide education campaign, a review of the current road legislation and the provision of grant funding to local councils for safety improvements to shared paths. 

For more information about the campaign visit our website.