Thursday, 1 February 2024

Our Northern Beaches community is made stronger by its diversity – a vibrant mix of cultures, each bringing its own flavour, traditions, perspectives, and experiences. 

To showcase our community’s diversity in light of our draft Multicultural Inclusion Plan going on public exhibition, 12 locals posed for portraits, helping us highlight what makes the people of the Northern Beaches unique. 

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Each community member has a unique story to tell on how they came to the Northern Beaches, why they love living here, and what they bring from their own backgrounds. Here’s what some told us.

Franzi, German heritage 

It was love that brought Franzi to Sydney after meeting her Australian husband. They now have two children and love living on the Northern Beaches but do their best to keep the connection to her German home strong.

“In Germany, there are a lot of festivals from the Fifth Season Karneval to Christmas markets and so many more. We try and keep our connection to home by celebrating these in our own Aussie way.” 

These voices show how diversity makes us stronger. From the food we eat, to the celebrations we share, each culture adds something special to our Northern Beaches community. 

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Bill, Malaysian heritage 

A Peranakan Hokkien from Malaysia, Bill found love in Australia while studying as a mature-aged student, ultimately settling with his partner who lived on the Northern Beaches.

Bill loves the diversity of the Northern Beaches, “It’s like a kaleidoscope of cultures, backgrounds, and stories, all woven together against the backdrop of sun-kissed beaches and rolling waves.”

While he has faced microaggressions and everyday discrimination being a culturally diverse person, he believes the community can embrace and celebrate its diversity. 

 “By prioritising support, active anti-racism initiatives, and celebrating shared experiences, we can build a community where diversity is not just tolerated, but actively embraced and celebrated as a vital part of our collective Northern Beaches identity,” says Bill.

Maria, Spanish/Australian heritage 

Maria who has Spanish/Australian heritage is very involved in the Spanish community in Sydney, even setting up a senior’s groups for Spanish speakers after seeing her Spanish father and his friends’ needs were not being met. 

“Through our groups we feel we can help keep the heritage of Spanish speakers alive through dance, food, language, amongst other Spanish speaking cultures and interacting with other cultures. 

“On the Northern Beaches, I love the beach life and feel like I am on holidays every day. We live in Manly, and it has a village feel to it. I have integrated over the years with groups on the Northern Beaches such as Manly multi-lingual Toastmaster, Soroptimists. We love the Mediterranean feel, local markets, the proximity to the city by ferry,” says Maria.

Ankita, Indian heritage

Ankita, 14 was originally from India before moving to the Northern Beaches when her father’s work brought them to Australia. 

“Google was our friend in finding the Northern Beaches, and with the myriad of good schools and peaceful environment it was an immediate yes.

“Living on the Northern Beaches means getting a slice of all the best parts of Sydney, the bushland and natural world, the best beaches (though I may be biased), and most importantly to me a community in which you can feel safe and cherished for who you are. 

“Food is undoubtedly my favourite part of my heritage! The Indian take-aways we have ordered last minute never seem to hit as close to home as my mother’s recipes, and her being a food blogger means waiting those extra two minutes as she finalises the perfect photo. But seriously, I think the flavours of South Indian cuisine will forever be engraved on my taste buds, and I will repeat what the components of my lunchbox are every day if it means I get to savour my heritage in all its natural goodness,” says Ankita