As per the Councillor Expenses & Facilities Policy (item 17.1 and 17.2) this table includes expenditure summarised by individual Councillor and as a total for all Councillors.

Councillor2018 -2019
Cr Amon*10,918
Cr Bingham7,218
Cr Daley2,831
Cr De Luca6,224
Cr Ferguson #14,182
Cr Grattan*8,512
Cr Harrison296
Cr Heins8,454
Cr McTaggart28
Cr Philpott1,782
Cr Sprott*17,191
Cr Walton*4,388
Cr Warren258
Cr White2,795
Mayor Regan (includes LGNSW & ALGA Conferences)25,859
Total councillor expenditure110,936

(excluding internal charges for councillor ICT and meetings)

* Includes Australian Company Directors Course - as per policy

# Includes vehicle usage Nov 17 to April 19