As per the Councillor Expenses & Facilities Policy (item 17.1 and 17.2) this table includes expenditure (excluding internal charges for councillor ICT and meetings) summarised by individual Councillor and as a total for all Councillors.

2019-2020 and 2020-2021

Councillor1 Jul to 31 Dec 20191 Jan to 30 Jun 20201 Jul to 31 Dec 20201 JAN TO 30 JUN 2021
Cr Amon$3,169$335$2,499$897
Cr Bingham$3,377$2,467$3,220$1,453
Cr Daley$5,515$2,367$1,529$996
Cr De Luca$5,476$2,428$953$1,614
Cr Ferguson $8,274$2,193$804$2,830
Cr Grattan$1,000$80$941$161
Cr Harrison$450$190$0$253
Cr Heins$5,494$1,072$451$728
Cr McTaggart$0$0$0$30
Cr Philpott$1,966$731$391$110
Cr Sprott$9,252$1,621$2,296$4,432
Cr Walton$4,371$382$1,263$1,501
Cr Warren$314$107$391$0
Cr White$3,834$1,630$201$1,024
Mayor Regan $12,106$12,309$4,192$6,734
Total councillor expenditure$64,599$27,911$19,131$22,763

To reference Councillor Expenditure Reports for previous years please refer to our Annual Reports