"A connected, liveable and sustainable Ingleside"

    The vision statement for Ingleside was developed with landowners and the broader community in 2013 at the initiation phase of the planning and community engagement process.

    Behind the Vision

    The “Your ideas today, your community tomorrow” campaign embarked on a visioning exercise with landowners and broader community to ascertain if Council’s aspiration for “a sustainable and ecologically sensitive development form based on the highest standards” at Ingleside should be pursued. 

    Sustainable development is a triple-bottom-line approach, incorporating environmental, social and economic aspects. It cares for the environment by protecting and restoring it and reducing the environmental footprint. It also creates better places to live and opportunities for economic growth through: 

    • an affordable and wide range of housing,
    • developing a safe and healthy community, 
    • opportunities for the community to interact, 
    • housing that meets changing community needs
    • promoting education,
    • creating employment opportunities, 
    • increasing efficiency in products and processes.

    Best Practice

    We are aiming for Australian Best Practice Standards utilising the GreenStar Communities Rating Tool and Greenstar Communities Local Government Guide and the recommendations made by the sustainability consultant, Kinesis Australia.

    Kinesis Australia are advising the Project Partners on precinct scale sustainability opportunities including alternate sustainable technologies and initiatives. Their report examines the options and strategies beyond the traditional methods that could improve the sustainability of the land release and its development as a new residential community at Ingleside.

    We are continuing to investigate opportunities to (1) increase BASIX targets and (2)  identify a mechanism for the delivery of affordable housing for key workers, while at the same time ensure that it is financially feasible.

    Our Aims

    • Green Building Council of Australia 4 Star Green Star Community
    • Potable water use (35% reduction)
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%
    • 25% reduction in peak electricity demand
    • 100% (or Increase number) of High Performance Dwellings – 7 star NatHers
    • Plan for Future – Technologies & Better Ideas/Outcomes