1. Do you know the names of your neighbours next to where you live?
2. Does your street or apartment block have a street party or local Meet Your Neighbour event?
3. Do you have the phone numbers of all your immediate neighbours?
4. Have you borrowed or lent something to a neighbour in the last three months?
5. Have you helped a neighbour or been helped by a neighbour in the last month?
6. Have you invited a neighbour to your house or been invited in the last three months?
7. Do you have a spare set of keys for your neighbour, or do they have a set of yours?
8. Do you know when your neighbours go on holiday and vice versa?
9. Are you aware of your local area’s natural disaster risks (bushfires, floods, heatwaves, extreme weather) and do you have a plan for how to support one another?
10. Have you become more conscious of the importance of being a connected neighbour in the last 12 months? (whether from COVID-19, this program or other)


If you answered:

  • Mostly yes - you are a connected and engaged neighbour, setting a great example for others!
  • Mixture of yes and no - you are working towards connection but we could help you to become a more socially connected neighbour.
  • Mostly no - perhaps you have some barriers to connecting with your neighbours? We would love to help you build stronger connections!