Bradley Eastman (Beastman)

Topographic / Typographic (YOYOS), 2021

Created in collaboration with the architecture of the brick building of YoYo’s Youth Centre, Beastman’s mural is, as he describes, “an abstracted visual response to the human relationship with our coastal landscapes, as well as a typographic letterform study of the word ‘YOYOS’. If you look at the work as a whole wall you may just recognise the Y O Y O S spelt out within his design.

Beastman designed this bold, vibrant artwork to be harmonious in its surroundings but also to be uplifting and enjoyed by the local community.

This mural was made possible with a grant for National Youth Week 2021 – Together More Than Ever

Artist bio

Bradley Eastman (Beastman) is a multidisciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. His paintings, digital illustration, commercial projects and large scale murals explore a unique visual language, depicting future environments of abstracted geometric landscapes, potential new life forms and human intervention.


YOYO's Forest Youth Centre

Frenchs Forest NSW 2086