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Sydney’s most northerly suburb, Palm Beach, is a great place to visit at any time of the year.

First made famous by TV series Home and Away as a sleepy little beachside town where there’s only ever one season, the real ‘Summer Bay’ boasts stunning scenery and a gorgeous beach that is the perfect spot to take a stroll or dip, or perch yourself for a picnic.  ‘Palmy’ was again made famous with the release of the 2019 movie Palm Beach.

Palm Beach is 2.3km east-facing beach that curves in a gentle arc between the heritage listed Barrenjoey Lighthouse to the sandstone rocks of Little Head in the south, linking Barrenjoey to the mainland. 

General conditions

  • Good swimming and body surfing conditions
  • Strong shore break at times
  • Excellent surfing conditions at the north end
  • Good surfing breaks along the beach. Best in north easterly winds


31 Ocean Road

Palm Beach NSW 2108