Family Day Care Educator

Family Day Care offers your family flexibility and your child a stimulating learning environment in a small, home environment, group.

Video text transcript

Script: Home can mean many thingsā€¦

Children playing in the backyard of a home with their educator.

Script: Where you eat

Children sitting at a table eating and the educator putting food on their plate with tongs.

Script: Where you play

Children playing with blocks and hand puppets.

Script: Where you teach and they learn

Educator helping child wash their hands, child raising her hand to answer a question and small boy having his shoes put on by an educator.

Script: Become a Family Day Care educator

Script: And make your home, their home.

Children with educator playing with teacups and teapot.

Text on screen: Northern Beaches Council Family Day Care

Smiling children playing.

Text on screen:

Northern Beaches Council logo