The Home Library Service is available to the frail, aged and people with disabilities and their carers who are unable to visit the library or carry their library items home. A medical certificate or statement signed by a doctor may be required to assess your eligibility.

Please take a moment to complete this application and we will contact you within two business days.

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Terms and conditions of the Home Library Service membership

Home Library Service membership is conditional upon agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Members will:

  • accept responsibility for all items borrowed on their card
  • have items ready for collection by our library staff or volunteer on or before the due date
  • avoid overdue items by contacting the library to renew loans if permissible               
  • advise the library of any changes to their contact details including delivery address
  • advise the library of any changes to their circumstances affecting delivery, e.g. absence due to holidays, illness, etc.
  • pay replacement costs for any items lost or damaged

In the unfortunate event that a member breaches these membership conditions, the library reserves the right to restrict or ban access to library materials or terminate library membership.

These conditions of membership are subject to change without notice.