Your Own Book Club

Starting a book club is a great way to share your passion and discuss books.

If you’re already a library member, simply complete the book club registration form.

There’s a registration fee of $60 payable when you collect your book club member cards and an annual subscription of $60 at the start of July each year.

Each book club kit contains 10 copies of a selected title and can be borrowed for 6 weeks.

Our collection includes the following titles for your book club group to share and discuss.

Book Club Kits

Complete list of book club kits 

Phone 9942 7999 to have your chosen kit set aside for up to one week. 

Who can borrow from the book club collection?

Book Clubs must be registered. Any member of our Libraries can register their Book Club. Registered members are responsible for the prompt return of Book Club kits and the payment of any fees and charges.

Your Club will receive a set of ten Book Club membership cards to share among your members. They can be presented in any Northern Beaches Council library branch. Just email for replacements.

How much does it cost?

There’s an initial registration fee of $60 payable when you collect your Book Club member cards, and then an annual subscription of $60 at the start of July each year.

Kits will incur an overdue fee of $2.75 per day until the complete kit is returned, ready for the next club to borrow. It is free to have an available kit set aside for you for up to one week.

Can we go on a waiting list to borrow a Book Club Kit?

Sorry, we do not take holds or reservations on Book Club kits that are out on loan. Use the catalogues to choose from the titles available now, and telephone the library to have the kit set aside for you for free for up to one week.

How long can my group borrow the kits?

The kits can be borrowed for six weeks only. Book Club kits cannot be renewed.

Can we borrow more than one kit at a time?

Yes. A maximum of two kits can be on loan to a Club at one time. This works well for moving from one title to the next at your meeting. Just choose and collect your new kit a few days before each meeting.

How do we return the kits?

The container and all of its contents must be returned together as a complete set to the library during opening hours. Please return the kit to the library branch you borrowed it from.

What if we lose or damage a book?

If your Club loses or damages a book, the cost of replacement plus a $5 processing fee will be required. Damage includes anything beyond normal wear and reading.

Can we suggest titles to be purchased for the Book Club collection?

Yes, your suggestions are more than welcome! Just send us an email.