We are currently working to consolidate all Northern Beaches Council Forms and these can be found below. Some of the forms you use may have an applicable Fees and Charges and these have been updated for 2017/18.

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    Application to Address Council in Public Address

    Application Form to Address Council/Committees on items appearing on Ordinary Meeting or Planning & Strategy Meeting Agendas. To be submitted by 12 noon on the day of the meeting.

    Application to Address Council in Public Forum (for items not on the Agenda)

    If you would like to address Council in the Public Forum, please complete the form below and return it to Council staff, prior to the start of the meeting.

      Building Certificate

      Application for a Building Certificate under Section 149B of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

      Building Waste Container on Public Land

      This form is to be submitted and a permit issued prior to the placement of any skip bin/building waste container on a nature strip or carriage way.

      Change of address

      Change of address form

        Approval to Excavate Council Roads and Footpaths

        You will need this permit if you need to open, excavate or trench the road or footpath, a road shoulder, a nature strip, kerbs and gutters or any other Council-owned infrastructure. The permit will contain conditions and specifications. You must comply with these to ensure the area is repaired correctly after the work is done. 

        Customer Credit Card Payment Form

        For payments to Council via Credit Card please complete this form.

        Customer Request Form

        Development Application 

        Development Application Pre-lodgement Meeting Application

        The applicant can obtain preliminary advice on proposals which are to be the subject of an application to Council.

        Development Application Tree Removal and Tree Pruning 

        Made under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1989 (Sections 78A) for works associated with a complying development certificate application.

        Domestic Heater Form

        Approval to install a domestic oil or solid fuel heater under Section 68 of the Local Government Act (1993).

        Driveway Delineation 

        Driveway Delineation Lines are installed by Council for residential, commercial and industrial properties to assist vehicular access to the property driveway.
        This can be particularly useful in areas with limited road width and high on-street parking demand.

        Driveway Levels and Formwork Inspections

        Before constructing a driveway an application form must be completed to attain a permit to undertake construction.

        Filming and Photography Application Form

        This application is to be used for filming on Council managed open space such as sportsgrounds, beaches, parks, footpaths and roads.

        Install an On-Site Wastewater Management System

        Minor Encroachments/Constructions Within Road Reserve 

        Application issued under The Roads Act 1993 (Section 138)

        Mobile Food Application Form

        You may use this form to apply for a Mobile Food Premises approval in Northern Beaches Council.

        Occupy Road (Work Zone)

        A work zone is a signposted parking restriction allowing construction vehicles engaged in construction work in or near the Work Zone to stand at the kerb.

        Operate an On-Site Wastewater Management System

        Outdoor Dining Approval Application 

        Outstanding Notices Application Form

        Made Under the Local Government Act 1993 (Section 735A) and Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (Section 121ZP)

        Permit to Place Building Materials on Footpaths

        Planning Certificate - Section 149 

        Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979

        Planning Proposal Pre-Lodgment Meeting Application 

        Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement

        Prepaid Parking Permit

        Request for Time Extension Form

        Stand and Operate an item of plant on the road carriageway

        Prior to the placement of any type of crane, including scissor lifts, boom, concrete pump or cherry picker on Council road carriageway.

        Statutory Declaration Parking Permit

        Stormwater Prelodgement Meeting Application

        Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate

        Temporary Food Stalls

        Temporary Ground Anchors (Road Reserve)

        Made under the Roads Act 1993, this application is for the installation of temporary ground anchors under Council's footway/road reserve.

        Traffic Control or Traffic Management Permit

        Application for Traffic Mirror

        This application is required to request permission to install a traffic mirror on Council’s road reserve.

        Vegetation Bin Order Form

        One vegetation bin per property, if additional bins are requested, a once only fee per additional bin is required.

        Wedding Ceremony Application Form

        Request a booking to hold a Wedding Ceremony in a Council reserve.


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