If you would like to volunteer at Manly Jazz, complete this form with your availability and interests, and the event volunteer coordinator will be in touch soon to confirm your shifts.

    Your Details
    Age *Sorry, we cannot accept volunteers under 14 years of age
    Parent / Guardian Details
    Agreement I represent and warrant that; I am the parent or guardian of the minor whose name appears enclosed I certify that my child or ward is aged over 14 years and that I have approved of and consented to my child/ward’s activities in connection with participation as a Council Volunteer prior to commencement of such duties.
    Emergency Contact / Next of Kin
    Who can we contact on your behalf in the case of an emergency?
    Emergency contact relationship to you
    Please select which shifts you would like?
    Friday 4th October
    Saturday 5th October
    Sunday 6th October
    Monday 7th October
    If your friend is also volunteering and you would like to work together, write their name and we will match your shifts.
    Please provide details if you have any medical conditions, injuries, illnesses, allergies, or are on any medications, which may affect your ability to participate in certain roles
    Shirt size *Note that T-Shirts provided are one design for both males and females. Spare shirts will be available in case you choose a slightly wrong size.
    • I agree to work under the guidance of my supervisor and in accordance with my Induction, the Risk Assessment and Position Description.
    • I agree to comply with all rules and regulations relating to Work Health and Safety.
    • I am aware that it is preferable to leave valuable items at home. Council will not take responsibility for participant’s goods that lost or stolen while participating.
    • I grant Northern Beaches Council permission to take photos, film or other media whilst participating in an activity and to use for promotional purposes.
    • I understand prior to my commencement of my role I must undertake a volunteer induction.
    Acknowledgement *I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the above declaration and the details I have provided are true and correct at this time.