Northern Beaches Council aims to support events that promote the many wonders of area and our local community.

Please note: Our event calendar is not intended to advertise regular programs or classes. If they are held in one of our Community Centres, please submit to include in our Course and Activity Directory

Submit your event

You are welcome to submit your event if it:

  • occurs at a venue or location within our local area
  • is open to the general public and
  • has broad appeal for people from the local community as well as visitors to our area.

Event submissions lead time changing to 10 days
Our lead time for events submissions will be changing from 7 to 10 days. This is to allow us to process event submissions in enough time for them to be seen on the calendar.
These changes will take effect from Friday 8 April 2022.
Please note that we may need to increase this lead time further to 14 days. Should this be the case we will notify you on this page and on the submission form a week before the change is made.


An event will not be listed when it:

  • features incomplete information, like dates to be announced or indeterminate locations
  • appears only to promote or advertise a business or commercial enterprise
  • could conflict with Council's values, decisions, policies or statutory responsibilities
  • promotes politicians or political parties
  • involves the manufacture, distribution and sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products or alcoholic products
  • are otherwise of a nature that Council determines is likely to affect Council's public image or reputation adversely.

Authorised Submission

Events must be submitted by the event organiser or someone authorised by the organiser. Please ensure that content you upload is with the permission of the copyright holder. Content published on this website is also available via data feeds and may be published in other places.


You must also upload a good quality image: 

  • jpg or png file
  • less than 5MB
  • landscape orientation
  • not include any words, clipart or logos.

Please ensure that you own the copyright or have permission to use it.


Each event is assessed according to these guidelines and evaluated in terms of community benefit and Council reserves the right to edit or decline any event.

By adding events to the calendar, Council is not necessarily endorsing the event or the organiser's products. All care is taken to ensure event listings contain accurate and up to date information but the responsibility for such content belongs to the content contributors.

All events are subject to our disclaimer and may be declined for addition to the calendar without further correspondence.

Please note - We try and review and publish events in a timely manner, however this is not always possible. Submissions within 7 days prior of your event might not be published.