Thursday, 15 August 2024 - 06:00 pm to 07:30 pm

You are invited to join MAG&M’s Collective for Environmental Art & Design (CEAD) at the first panel discussion of this new initiative. We’re bringing together industry-leading creative thinkers to discuss the power of collective action, and to learn what is possible when we work together to envision environmental solutions.

Working at the intersection of art, design, and the environment, our panellists will discuss the ways in which they are working towards a sustainable future, the solutions they are exploring, and how you can be part of it. Through sharing the successes and learnings from their own experiences, the speakers invite us to be part of an ambitious and vital ongoing conversation.

The speakers include;

Dr Jenny Newell, Curator for Climate Change at the Australian Museum’s Climate Solutions Centre. Jenny works on the cultural dimensions of climate change, focusing on communities in Australia and the Pacific. She aims to increase engagement in environmental stewardship through the medium of museums. With a background in environmental history, Jenny has worked with Pacific communities and collections at the British Museum, National Museum of Australia, the American Museum of Natural History (New York) and the Australian Museum to amplify voices on climate change for broad audiences. Jenny convenes the Museums & Climate Change Network and is a member of the International Council of Museums’ Working Group for Sustainability.

Dr Lucas Ihlein, artist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts, English and Media, University of Wollongong. Lucas is a member of the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation (KSCA), a collective that supports artists and others who are experimenting with adaptive cultural change. It aims to foster creative work that reaches beyond the familiar contexts of art to investigate new ways of acting in the world. Many of KSCA’s activities revolve around the post-industrial town of Kandos, Wiradjuru Country, in the Central West of NSW, however its members come from many places, and its projects bridge urban, regional and rural Australia.

Floria Tosca, multi-disciplinary practitioner drawing on her experience growing up in a rural environment and her years working as a medical doctor. Floria is a member of The Dirt Witches Scrub Collective, a group of seven cross-disciplinary environmental and climate activists. The Scrub Collective has the combined skills of curatorship, artistic practice, landscape architecture and academic research. They create dynamic action at the nexus of art and activism, with a focus on fighting native forest logging, protecting biodiversity and campaigning for better climate awareness. Recent projects include the Barlow Street Banksia Forest (City of Sydney Laneways project, now permanent), 2024 residency at Sydney’s Ethics Centre, and 2024 residency at Bundanon. The Scrub Collective comprises Lara Merrett, Floria Tosca, Rena Shein, Caroline Rothwell, Jane Irwin, Vivienne Webb and Prue Gibson. As a counterpoint to the historical vilification of the ‘protesting woman’ as a witch, the Scrub Collective reclaim the name and role of the witch, as a mode of subversion and refusal.

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