Monday, 15 May 2023 - 09:00 am to Friday, 26 May 2023 - 05:00 pm

"Bipolar" is new body of work of the chilean artist Maria del Carmen. The exhibition focuses on how our mind navigates between good and bad feelings, coexisting in conflict and, at the same time, always aspiring to find a way to turn towards the brighter side of the spectrum. By focusing on her personal experience with the subject,she intend to translate the emotion of the situation, getting in touch with the conflict of a constant internal fight to survive in this world that is not always welcoming to mental illness.She want to acknowledge and celebrate the bravery of the ones that silently battle with this duality. By focusing on the right side and understanding that life is a choice, we could work towards the acceptance of this reality and find something beautiful about it. The visual artworks are a mix between abstract painting with silhouettes in a dynamic dance where black and white contrast in the composition with colour. Every painting express a story's individuality, bringing richness to the artwork. Finally, the paintings will alternate between large and small formats, creating different options for collectors to choose. Technique will be mix media and acrylic on canvas.

Exhibition dates

Monday - Friday, 9am -5pm

Contact information

Maria Del Carmen
Maria Guzman


Mona Vale Creative space Gallery

Mona Vale NSW 2103