Slip and slide while you negotiate your way along our new pool inflatable.

Available to the public November to January from 1 - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday

School holidays: 11am to 3pm weekdays until Friday 24 January.

Hours are subject to change as required by centre management.


$2 payable at reception (in addition to normal pool entry) obtain and wear a wristband

Swim test

Successful completion of the 25-metre swim test is required prior to use

Conditions of use

  • One person at a time on the first half of inflatable
  • Swim around the inflatable and exit to side of pool when you fall off the inflatable
  • Enter water feet first down the slide
  • Play responsibly & have fun!
  • No googles - as they may cause injury or damage to the inflatable
  • No sharp objects on the inflatable (including jewellery, hair clips, keys, glasses)
  • No pushing in line
  • No running, diving, flips or bombing
  • Do not swim under the inflatable
  • No food or drink

Please do not use the inflatable if you have a history of back or neck problems, epilepsy, heart conditions, panic attacks or are pregnant, unwell or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.