You're welcome to use our centres and facilities.

Our primary concern remains the health and safety of our visitors and staff. Please support us in our efforts to prevent COVID-19 and be vigilant in your personal hygiene and social distancing. Avoid attending our venue if unwell.

Manly Andrew Boy Charlton Aquatic Centre has a COVID-19 Safety Plan which is reviewed regularly to manage risks and maintain consistency with changing NSW Government Orders and related exemptions. 

We will continue to review our management of aquatic venues in keeping with advice from NSW Health and the Commonwealth Government. We appreciate your cooperation with the following special conditions of entry.

Help us keep everyone safe

In the interests of staff and customer safety, we require customers to adhere to the following safety measures:

MABC access

  • Adhere to assigned entry and exit points.
  • For contact tracing purposes, QR code and member card registration are used to gain entry and register attendances.
  • In line with current public health orders, an exemption applies which states we do not need to gather the contact details of each of those in a school, childcare, aged or disability group upon entry. Instead, the organiser or group must collect these details and keep them electronically, and provide us with the contact details for at least two people who visited.   

Social distancing

  • Please maintain social distancing outside the water by remaining 1.5m apart from one another.
  • Always keep a minimum 1.5m distance between yourself and others in designated seating areas.
  • We will continue to assist swim students when necessary for safety and instruction purposes in swim classes.


  • Hand sanitisers are available throughout the centre. Wash and/or sanitise hands before, during and after visiting the centre.
  • Wash hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes and dispose of tissues.
  • Avoid touching common contact points where possible. Surfaces and common contacts points are regularly cleaned.

Limiting entry numbers

  •  Ensure only one parent/guardian attends swimming lessons. Non-swimming siblings should not visit the centre unless necessary.
  • We encourage all swimmers, swim students to arrive dressed, ready to “Get in, Swim, Get out” and shower at home. Only use the change rooms and showers when necessary, change rooms are signposted with permitted numbers allowed.

Health and safety

  • Any person in your household that shows any COVID-19 symptoms should not visit the centre.
  • If a person feels unwell and symptoms develop onsite then please leave the centre immediately and follow the COVID-19 testing advice as per NSW Health guidelines.
  • Please check NSW COVID-19 case locations before visiting the centre / attending swim lessons. If attended any location at the times listed in the link, please do not come to the centre.

Be COVID-safe

We recommend downloading the COVIDSafe App.

Our centre management reserves the right to refuse entry should they believe a customer is a risk to others health. Refusal to comply with conditions of entry may result in being removed from the centre.

Swimming Pools - indoor and outdoor

Indoor and outdoor lap swimming, the outdoor toddler pool and indoor leisure pool are open. All change room areas are also open - please observe maximum permitted entry into change areas. 

Fitness Centre

The Fitness Centre is open with restrictions. Find out more


The Crèche is open to the public.

    Additional hygiene and cleaning precautions

    • We have installed additional hand sanitiser stations throughout the centre as well as increased cleaning and more regular disinfecting of surfaces.
    • Signage has been placed throughout the centre to help communicate the importance of handwashing, covering your sneezes or coughs, and staying home if unwell.
    • We have dedicated staff on regular cleaning duties during the operating hours of the centre. 
    • All visitors are reminded to bring your own gym towel and water bottle (water bubbler - only refill nozzle operating)

    Thanks for following personal hygiene and social distancing rules and helping keep everyone safe. 

    Please call 8495 5005 or email us if you have further enquiries.