Council undertakes seasonal weed control in turf on sportsfields and some high use reserves. Spraying programs are subject to weather delays.

Safety Data Sheets

Reserve Program

Palm BeachGovernor Phillip Park  Mid June-August
 Iluka Park  Mid June-August
 Lucinda Park  Mid June-August
 Palm Beach Pavilion  Mid June-August
AvalonCareel Bay Dog Exercise Area  Mid June-August
 Dunbar Park  Mid June-August
 Des Creagh Reserve  Mid June-August
 Avalon Golf Course   Mid June-August
 Avalon Beach Reserve   Mid June-August
Taylors PointReserves 1 & 2   Mid June-August
Whale BeachWhale Beach Reserve   Mid June-August
BilgolaBilgola Beach Reserve   Mid June-August
NewportNewport Recreation Centre   Mid June-August
 Newport Beach Reserve   Mid June-August
BayviewBayview Park   Mid June-August
 Pamela Crescent Reserve   Mid June-August
 Riddle Reserve   Mid June-August
 Rowland Reserve (Dog Area)   Mid June-August
Church PointMcCarrs Creek Reserve   Mid June-August
Mona ValeBuena Vista Reserve   Mid June-August
 Brinawa Reserve   Mid June-August
 South Mona Vale Headland   Mid June-August
 Katrina Reserve   Mid June-August
 Whitney Reserve   Mid June-August
 Village Park    Mid June-August
 Apex Park   Mid June-August
 Mona Vale Beach Reserve   Mid June-August
 Fazzolari Reserve   Mid June-August
 Briony Reserve   Mid June-August
 Bassett Street East   Mid June-August
 Bangalow Reserve   Mid June-August
 Winnererremy Bay   Mid June-August
WarriewoodHoneyeater Reserve   Mid June-August
 Fernbank Reserve   Mid June-August
 Shearwater Reserve   Mid June-August
 Valley View Reserve   Mid June-August
 Detention Basin   Mid June-August
 Callistemon Way   Mid June-August
NarrabeenMiddle Creek Reserve   Mid June-August
 Jamieson Park   Mid June-August
 Esplanade to Wheeler Park foreshore area   Mid June-August
 Robertson Road foreshore are   Mid June-August
 Narrabeen Street foreshore area to Tramshed   Mid June-August
 Berry Reserve to Tramshed   Mid June-August
 Wellington Street / Albemarle Street foreshore area   Mid June-August
 North Narrabeen Surf Club   Mid June-August
 Ocean Street Reserve (Cenotaph)   Mid June-August
 Ocean Street Reserve (Furlough Park)   Mid June-August
 South Narrabeen Surf Club   Mid June-August
North NarrabeenLakeside Reserve   Mid June-August
 Deep Creek Reserve   Mid June-August
 Bilarong Reserve   Mid June-August
 Progress Park   Mid June-August
 Chattan Park   Mid June-August
Elanora HeightsEpworth Park   Mid June-August
CollaroyStuart Street   Mid June-August
 Frazer Street (vacant block)   Mid June-August
 Collaroy Beach Reserve   Mid June-August
 Collaroy Plateau Park   Mid June-August
Long ReefLong Reef Headland   Mid June-August
 Long Reef Surf Club   Mid June-August
Dee WhyMooramba Rd Carpark   Mid June-August
 Dee Why Beach   Mid June-August
 James Meehan Reserve   Mid June-August
 Dee Why Triangle Park   Mid June-August
 Walter Gors Reserve   Mid June-August
 Dee Why / Meehan   Mid June-August
CromerDumic Reserve   Mid June-August
North Curl CurlNorth Curl Curl Community Centre (greens)   Mid June-August
 The Glen   Mid June-August
Curl CurlCurl Curl / Flora & Ritchie Reserve
(not including northern dog park)
   Mid June-August
 Stirgess Playground   Mid June-August
 Jacka Park   Mid June-August
BrookvaleBrookvale Oval surrounds   Mid June-August
 Green Street Playground   Mid June-August
ForestvilleMelwood Playground   Mid June-August
BelroseGlen Street Theatre Surrounds   Mid June-August
 Peppercorn Park   Mid June-August
SeaforthManly Road Island   Mid June-August
 Ellerys Punt   Mid June-August
Manly ValeKing Street 1   Mid June-August
 King Street 2   Mid June-August
 Passmore Playground   Mid June-August
North BalgowlahWoolgoolga Reserve Playground   Mid June-August
BalgowlahBligh Park   Mid June-August
 Forty Baskets   Mid June-August
 Nambaree Park   Mid June-August
 Cross Street Reserve   Mid June-August
 Heathcliff Reserve   Mid June-August
 North Harbour Reserve   Mid June-August
FairlightManly Scenic Walk   Mid June-August
 Manly Cemetery Playground   Mid June-August
ManlyLagoon Park   Mid June-August
 Little Manly Beach   Mid June-August
 Tower Hill   Mid June-August
 East / West Esplanade   Mid June-August
 Bower Street Reserve   Mid June-August
 Ocean Beach   Mid June-August
 Gilbert Park   Mid June-August
 Shelly Beach   Mid June-August
 Ivanhoe Park   Mid June-August
 Peace Park   Mid June-August
ClontarfClontarf Reserve   Mid June-August
QueenscliffHinkler Reserve   Mid June-August
 Aitken Reserve   Mid June-August
 Freshwater View Reserve   Mid June-August
FreshwaterFreshwater Reserve   Mid June-August


Sportsfield Program

AvalonCareel Bay Playing Field no 1, 2 and mini fields   August
 Hitchcock Park   August
 Hitchcock Park (Training Area)   August
 Old Barrenjoey Rd Netball   August
NewportNewport Oval   August
 Porters Reserve   August
Mona ValeKitchener Park   August
 Kitchener Park no 1   August
WarriewoodBoondah Reserve 2,3,4,5,6 and 7   August
 Warriewood Sports Valley   August
 Boondah Reserve no1  August
North NarrabeenNth Narrabeen Reserve  Fields 2, Pony area & Baseball Field   August
 Nth Narrabeen  Res Fields 3,4 & AFL  August
 Lake Park  August
 Narrabeen High School  August
Long ReefGriffith Park August
Collaroy PlateauCollaroy Plateau Park August
Dee WhyDee Why Park August
 James Morgan Reserve August
CromerCromer Park no 1 (surrounds)   August
 Cromer Park no 2,3,4,5 August
 St.Matthew`s Farm Reserve August
 Truman Reserve August
NarraweenaBeverley Job Park August
Beacon HillTristram Reserve August
 Beacon Hill Oval August
Terrey HillsTerrey Hills Oval August
 JJ Melbourne Hills   August
DavidsonMacfarlane Reserve   August
 Richard Healy   August
BelroseBelrose Oval August
 County Road Reserve August
 Hews Reserve August
 Wyatt Reserve August
Frenchs ForestLionel Watts  August
 Ararat  August
ForestvilleMelwood  August
 Killarney August
Allambie Allambie Oval  August
 Aquatic Reserve  August
SeaforthBantry Bay  August
 Seaforth Oval  August
BalgowlahTania Park  August
 Manly West  August
 Balgowlah Oval  August
North BalgowlahCondover Reserve   August
Manly ValePassmore  August
 Millers Reserve  August
 David Thomas Reserve  August
North ManlyNolan Reserve  August
North Curl CurlJohn Fisher softball  August
 Old Reub Hudson  August
 John Fisher netball  August
 John Fisher 3, 4, 5  August
Curl CurlFrank Gray/Mike Pawley  August
 Weldon  August
 Adams Street  August
 Stirgess   August
FreshwaterHarbord Park August
ManlyManly Oval  August
 LH Graham  August
 Keirle Park  August