Youth category winners

Siera Powell

Covid Connects

Acrylic Paint, Sharpie marker

This Artwork is about people connecting online and that they make time for each other in this image that I have painted There are 2 people who are communicating virtually and living far apart this shows the amount of time we have spent communicating online.

Judge's comments:

An optimistic painting poetically portraying the connection and community that can blossom from times of crisis – especially through virtual channels of communication.

Fraser Steffens

Tawny Frog Mouth

pen and paint on paper

At night when I am going to sleep I can hear the Tawny Frog Mouth hooting outside my window. This sound reminds me of home.

Judge's comments:

This amazing bird created from colour and lines is a very powerful and evocative image.

Hayden Wu

Parked, Going Nowhere!

photograph using Panasonic Lumix GX7. 12-35mm F2.8 1/500s ISO 200

This photo shows Mum’s car “imprisoned” on the driveway during lockdown. It looked fixed, dark and forbidden. This is how I felt being stuck at home.

Judge's comments:

A wonderfully lit graphic image that leaves you wondering.

Giann Gao

The Parallel Worlds

watercolour on paper

When the line of the two worlds meet, the past and present, the end and the beginning... 2019, the fire started. No one expected it, but something more unexpected happened - the coronavirus. During the time I was isolating at home, I learned the role of doctor in a unusual way and that is what this artwork also shows.

Judge's comments:

The artist has symbolically portrayed human fortitude in the face of catastrophe, thoughtfully exploring how the parallel disasters of bushfires and coronavirus signify the ‘end and the beginning’.

Ella McLeod

Self Portrait

pencil on paper

My postcard from home reflects the introspection that I experienced during our home schooling; much time spent in thought and daydreaming.

Judge's comments:

A lovely, sensitive drawing which shows great mastery of the medium.

Rachael Ozich

Fate 2020

digital media

Three figures, wearing the protective clothing worn during Covid-19, the Plague and the Spanish Flu, practise social distancing. They are the Moirai, the Greek goddesses who controlled the destiny of every human life. Against the background of an empty space, they represent the unpredictability of our current situation.

Judge's comments:

Fate 2020 exhibits a perfect melding of image and concept. It cleverly integrates the underlying conceptual rationale without compromising its strong visual presence.

Meera Nirmalendran

Drawing Backyard Birds

colour pencils on paper to draw the owl, photographed with my colour pencils using my phone camera

There are so many interesting birds in my backyard! I loved watching the birds at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. I saw kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets, rosellas and cockatoos but the most interesting was an owl hiding high in a tree. It made such a scary noise at night!

Judge's comments:

A finely detailed drawing that encourages us to open our eyes, expressing the beauty that can be discovered in one’s own backyard whilst also cleverly revealing the artistic tools of its own creation.

Emily Stockwell

Spirit of Place

charcoal and white pastel on paper

Inspired by the blue gum forest out the back of my school, this artwork was my way of connecting to the atmosphere of this 'second' home, as it encapsulates the welcoming nature I feel as a boarder. On two separate strips, I aim to portray the oneness of nature.

Judge's comments:

The delicacy of this work and the careful observation of the landscape is very considered.

Emily Hick

Pittwater I

acrylic ink on watercolour paper

I'm so lucky to live on the Northern Beaches. One of my favourite pastimes is going to Pittwater at Palm Beach to watch the sunset over the ranges. I love to work from memory and recreate my work in a minimalistic way using tone and light to inform the composition. I want to evoke a memory or journey for the viewer, hoping that they see something different each time.

Judge's comments:

An eloquently composed watercolour that succinctly captures the reflective beauty of Pittwater, reinforcing the restorative potential of our natural surroundings.

Lorcan Brondum

Covid Routine

digital image, iPadPro Procreate

This was inspired by my Dad's routine of working at home during the time of Covid-19.

Judge's comments:

Humour is definitely a quality needed in these times and Lorcan’s humorous depiction of his father absolutely captured the laborious and repetitive nature of working from home during the Covid-19 restrictions.