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All entries must be an image of the original work or a digital artwork of the submitting artist and have been produced after 1 January 2020.

The digital image of your original artwork OR digitally produced original artwork must be a single image in landscape/horizontal format - dimensions 1800px W by 1200px H

You need to save images with your name (first, last) and artwork title e.g. Smith Joe Homeward Bound

Image of artwork - file upload *Images should be 1800px W by 1200px H
Files must be less than 7 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png bmp.

Note for uploading documents: Choose File -> find the file on your computer -> then click the Upload button. 

Terms and Conditions

The Work

  • The artist agrees to exhibit work online in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
  • The artist warrants that they are the producer of the work


  • Copyright remains the property of the artist. The artist will notify Northern Beaches Council of any transfer of copyright to another party.
  • The artist agrees, however, that the work may be digitally reproduced for the following purposes:
    • Critical review and media promotion
    • Northern Beaches Council website for online exhibition, promotional posters and flyers, records, reports and archives
  • The artist gives permission to Northern Beaches Council to reproduce his/her image if it is one of the 20 prize winning images in printed postcard format for the promotion of the Northern Beaches Art Prize and the artists and that these may be sold in the Manly Art Gallery & Museum Design Shop.
  • The Northern Beaches Council logo is copyright. Any reproduction of these logos must be approved in writing by a member of Northern Beaches Council.


The artist agrees that the opinions or statements expressed or implied in the artwork and associated documents are those of the artist and not necessarily those of Northern Beaches Council and that Northern Beaches Council may direct any complaints regarding the work to the artist.

Cancellation and withdrawal

The artist acknowledges Northern Beaches Council can at its sole discretion, withdraw the work(s) from the online exhibition and/or close or cancel the online exhibition at any time without any liability.

I have read and agree to abide by the conditions of entry, and am not an employee of Northern Beaches Council *

Privacy protection notice

Purpose of collection:To assist Council in creating a database and map of cultural assets, activities and creative practitioners across the Northern Beaches for planning future Arts and Culture service delivery
Intended recipients:Entrants to the Northern Beaches Arts Prize and local artist and creative practitioners across the Northern Beaches
Storage:Data will be held securely by Northern Beaches Council


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