• Selected Artists' Book entries from the Manly Library Artists' Book Award 2017

Artists’ books are an art form, and every two years since 2011 Manly Library has held an Artists’ Book Award attracting entries from around the world. The prize is the purchase of winning artists’ books from their creators to add to Manly Library’s world-class artists’ book collection.

Who Can Enter

If you’ve created an artists’ book in the two years before the next Manly Library Artists’ Book Award, you’re eligible to enter. The next award will be held in 2019. To give you an idea of the types of entries we receive, have a look at this slideshow of our 2015 entries.

The Award

If your artists’ book is judged a winner, Manly Library will purchase it from you and place it on permanent physical and digital display in the library and on its website. All submitted works will be displayed at an exhibition where the winners will be announced.

Anyone Can Enjoy Our Artists’ Books

You can enjoy all our acquired artists’ books physically in Manly Library, and they are also digitally available so you can view them anywhere. You can have unlimited access for workshops, lectures, exhibits and more.

Our 2017 Acquisitions

The 2017 acquisitions were announced by judges Ben Rak and Michael Hedger on 30 March at the Creative Space:

Guy Begbie‘Brisbane Dérive’ (Route 9)2016$1,500 (Wales, UK)
Gregory Day & Jiri Tibor Novak‘A Smile at Arm’s Length’2016$2,800 (Vic.)
Nicci Haynes‘…in my drawing costume…’2017$70(ACT)
Gita Mammen‘Feverfew’2015$1,650(Vic.)
Alan Purdom‘Silence’2017$950(NSW)
Bronwyn Rees and Elizabeth Banfield‘A Different Path’2015$1,200(Vic.)
Michaela Stoneman‘The Menagerie’2016$900(NZ)

Our 2015 Acquisitions

Helen Malone and Jack Oudyn‘Chance’2014$500
Rob Kovitz‘According to Plan’2014$65
Caren Florance'The One Who Stopped’2014$350
Bronwyn Rees‘Country’2014$1,200
Bernard Appassamy‘The Book of Asylum’2013$1,500
Elizabeth Banfield‘Collected Dead Letters, Volume 2’2014$900
Mark Wingrave‘A Journey from One Reality to Another’2014$35
Annique Goldenberg‘Living Water: the river hid, logbook, codex’2014$750
Deanna Hitti‘Assimilated Museum’2015$2,200

Our 2013 Acquisitions

Danielle Creenaune‘Unsent Letters 1’ (NSW)
Anne-Maree Hunter‘Suburban Democracy’ (NSW)
Georgia Thorpe‘In Praise of Shadows / Ties that Bind’ (Vic.)
Sandra Winkworth‘Hot Pie Portland’ (NSW)
Nicci Haynes ‘The Articulate Body’ (ACT)
Deanna Hitti‘The Country Justice: containing the practice of the justices of the peace out of their’ (Vic.)
Lyn Ashby‘Ideo(t) Grammatica’ (Vic.)

Our 2011 Acquisitions

Deidre Brollo‘Untitled’ (NSW)
Angela Cavalieri‘Certe Cosse non si dicono’ (Vic.)
Gwen Harrison and Sue Anderson‘Someone Somebody Run II’(NSW)
Clyde McGill‘Atlas: Strongman’(Vic.)
Lise Melhorn-Boe‘Body map’(North Bay, Ontario, Canada)
Janis Nedela‘Palindrome No. 39 – MA/AM’(WA)
Alan Purdom‘Homage to Homage’ (NSW)
Barbara Schmelzer‘A Collection of Australian Animals’(NSW)

How to Enter

To find out more about entering the prestigious Manly Library Artists’ Book Award, please contact Manly Library directly.

Phone: 02 9976 1729 (+61 2 9976 1729)