• Leila Jeffreys, Rose crowned dove, 2017, Series - Ornithurae

Image from Bernard Appassamy's "2,422 Haircuts", acquired as part of the Library Artists’  Book Award in 2019.

2021 Artists’ Book Award Exhibition

19 Feb – 28 March - Presenting the selection of books chosen to be added to the Northern Beaches Council's Library collection.

Winners from Express Yourself, 2020

Express Yourself 2021

19 Feb – 28 March - An annual curated exhibition of artworks by HSC Visual Arts students from Sydney’s Northern Beaches high schools.

Leila Jeffreys, Rose crowned dove 2017 Series: Ornithurae

Leila Jeffreys: Birdland

3 April – 20 June - An exhibition by acclaimed contemporary artist Leila Jeffreys, uniquely curated for MAG&M.

Seaweed Arboretum

10 April – 9 May - An immersive seaweed pavilion art installation by Turpin Crawford Studio.

Sarah Rayner and Sophie Carnell, work in progress, 2019, porcelain and silver (Image detail)


14 May - 20 June - Twenty six artists explore the relationship between materiality, form and texture.

Julia Davis, Video still, Undercurrent, 2017, 4K video with stereo sound, 1100 mins

Julia Davis - Undercurrent

27 Aug - 10 Oct - Julia Davis continues to explore invisible aspects of our temporal world.

Julia Davis and Lisa Jones, Thresholds No.280520, 2020, Sediment (Middle Head, Sydney) on clayboard, 40x30x3cm (image detail)

Julia Davis + Lisa Jones - Thresholds: underlands

27 Aug - 10 Oct - A joint exhibition that reflects upon transience and embodiment of place.