1980s - September

Graphic prints were featured in the Design Shop, as our next 9 Designer represented all things 80s.

Eve Bracewell is a designer and artist living in Freshwater. She draws inspiration from a variety of sources such as the Memphis Group to Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ken Done, Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson so representing the 1980s was perfect for her.

“I was so excited to be able to represent the 1980s for Manly Art Gallery & Museum. It is one of my favourite eras that I believe gave birth to some of the greatest aesthetics and influences in fashion, music, art and design. 

Miami Vice, arcade games, old skool hip hop and Memphis design were all sources of inspiration. For this 9 Designers project I combined my skills in drawing, painting and screen printing to create a vibrant limited edition range of silk scarves and 80’s classics - bucket hats, bum bags and scrunchies!”

The decade had such a distinctive style that the mere mention of “the look of the ’80s” conjures up specific visuals and such visuals can be seen through the colour choices, patterns and products Eve made for her limited edition MAG&M collection. With a custom build wooden display and window frame, the foyer was transformed.