• Image © Karen Watson, 2020

MAG&M turned 90 in 2020 and to celebrate 9 designers were chosen to represent one of these decades every month. 

Designs ranged from intricately designed floral sculptures, playful ceramics surfers and handmade sterling silver jewellery.

For information on each of the artists, please see the decades below. 

A huge thank you to all artists who participated and helped us mark our milestone anniversary:

Michelle Perrett
Katherine Mahoney
Dana Lundmark
Sophie Cooper
Nettie Lodge
Eve Bracewell
Ally Sara Alexander
Christine Sadler
Kelsey Cooke

April - 1930s

9 Designers launched with Michelle Perrett with elegant and intricate ceramic flowers found in our Australian landscape.

Photography by Greg Piper

May - 1940s

We Celebrated the 1940s with Katherine Mahoney.

June - 1950s

Dana Lundmark made us wish it was summer in the 1950s.

July - 1960s

Sophie Cooper went bold and funky for the 1960s.

August - 1970s

Nettie Lodge swam deeper into Manly's history for August.

September - 1980s

Eve Bracewell brought graphic prints to the Design Shop, for all things 80s.

October - 1990s

Ally Sara reminded us of the 1990s.

Images by Greg Piper

November - 2000s

Our new 9 Designer for this month was Christine Sadler. With a collection of handmade original pieces made in the SilverPlus studio in Ingleside, ...

Image courtesy of pattern & patch

December - 2010s

Kelsey Cooke was our featured 9 Designer for December, the final month of our anniversary celebration project.   The 2010s was a decade marked by ...