MAG&M Kids' Art Adventures – School Holidays Creative Workshops

Children 5 - 11 years are invited to join the fun through imaginative and creative play!

Learn a variety of art making practices through hands-on activities and create your own artworks in response to the exhibitions at Manly Art Gallery & Museum. Presented by art educator Rachel Carroll.

Seaweed Arboretum 

Thursday 15 April, 10am – 12noon

Inspired by the ‘Seaweed Arboretum’ exhibition, create detailed drawings of seaweed from observation, and with the use of microscopic images make large abstract artworks. Pattern and space will be explored along with colour mixing techniques.

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Leila Jeffreys - Birdland 

Thursday 15 April, 1pm – 3pm

Explore Leila Jeffreys’ ‘Birdland’ exhibition and the colour and movement of birds through the artist’s video work of birds in flight, and her remarkable photographic bird ‘portraits’. Use a variety of art materials and hand-made brushes to paint and draw birds in motion. Then, use fine details to add feathers and colour to your artwork.

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