2022 Studio Artists

Meet the creatives who will be calling the Creative Space, North Curl Curl, Avalon Workshop and Mona Vale Creative Pop Up home this year. 

Kevin Diallo

"My work investigates how institutionalised ideas of Black and African authenticity can be deconstructed and challenged by means of juxtaposition through a variety of mediums, more particularly with alternative photographic processes, installations, sculptures and new media."

AJ Gough 

"My creative practice explores the effects of over consumption on our living world. I use waste that I collect from beaches and waterways to create complex collages."

Gina Fenton

"My practice explores the fluidity of time - its subjectivity, instability and transience. I am interested in the way in which we perceive and experience time and space, in what is a perpetual state of becoming."


Sheriden Bird

Sheriden Bird’s current practice represents her journey of fashion, art and weaving as well as the inspiration she gathered from meeting with desert women to help forge her unique style. The intricate detail in Bird's work grounds her to Country and gives a great sense of peace.

Ashley Carlson

Ashley Carlson's practice is inspired by her natural coastal surroundings on the Northern Beaches. Fuelled by a life passion to evoke emotion through art, Carlson’s primary focus is a continual theme of flow, movement and an ever evolving colour palette.