• Image: Michele Seminara at MAG&M, 2020 

This year’s live poetry reading featured 23 original works by a broad and exciting range of poets responding to the theme 'Spirit of Self Expression', in connection with the gallery’s Self-Portrait exhibition (7 Aug–18 Oct, 2020). 

A self-portrait — in poetry or painting — captures a likeness, but also offers a vivid and deeply intimate encounter with its creator. This year's poems, include revelatory works that speak from the multifaceted perspectives of different ages, cultures, genders, sexual orientations and states of mental and physical health and disability.

The poetry readings were filmed live at MAG&M and are available online for all to enjoy 
and you can read more on the VerityLa website.

Associated with the Portraits Project MAG&M presented a live poetry reading featuring 23 original works by a broad range of poets, all responding to the theme ‘Spirit of Self Expression’. The Readings were filmed live at MAG&M and are available online here.  Poets featured for Poetry Alive 2020 include: Djon Mundine OAM, Gayle Kennedy, Gaele Sobott, Negar Rezvani, Rozanna Lilley, Judy Johnson, Cecilia White, Lou Steer, Daragh Byrne, Jenni Nixon, Yasaman Bagheri, Tony Voss, Les Wicks, Mark Marusic, Danika Peterson, Anne Walsh, Zeina Issa, Albert Lin, David Adès, Imogen Robertson, Erin Shiel, Alise Blayney and Marshall Smither.    

Captions are not available in the 2020 recording, however if you are Deaf or hard of hearing, please email and they will send you a PDF of the poems to follow. For more information see:  the VerityLa website.


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