Due to the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and acting on advice of lead NSW and Federal health authorities, Council has taken the precautionary decision to postpone this event.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our staff and community. These are difficult circumstances and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Welcome to the Northern Beaches 3x3 Basketball Battle 2020!

Here's everything you need to know about registration, heats, finals and 3-point competition! ​​​​

Please read these competition guidelines carefully. If you have any questions please email the Youth Team

Entry fee

$19.50 + 50c booking fee per team (payable on registration -  non-refundable)

Teams and ages

Teams must have 5 players.

There are no male/female categories - it is a mixed competition with three age brackets:

  • 12-15 years
  • 16-18 years
  • 19-24 years

All members MUST be within the age bracket as at 28 February (the tournament start date).


All heats will be held from 5 to 9pm:

You can only enter your team into one heat, and availability to enter heats will open once previous heats fill up. Spaces are limited – so don’t hesitate!


The final will be held during Youth Week on Saturday 4 April at PCYC Northern Beaches (Dee Why).

  • Heat 1 and 2 winner AND runner-up will go through to the final
  • Heat 3 and 4 winner ONLY will go through to the final


Cash prizes are up for grabs for the winners of the final:

  • 12-15 age bracket - $500
  • 16-18 age bracket - $750
  • 19-24 age bracket - $1000
  • 3-point comp - $250 

Plus other hidden surprises and prizes throughout the tournament.

3-point comp

As part of your entry, you can select one member from your team to enter the 3-point competition (all age) held at each heat.

The player has 10 attempts (all worth one point) from the top of the key with 30 seconds on the clock.

The 2 players who score the most points, in the shortest time, will advance to the final at PCYC in April (if two players are tied, same points and time, the tied players shoot again to determine who advances to the final).

At the final, the 8 qualified players attempt 15 shots from three different locations (all worth one point):

  • five from the right wing (45° angle from the baseline)
  • five from the top of the arc (same location as qualification phase)
  • five from the left wing (45° from the baseline).

In case of a tie (same points and time), the tied players shoot again.

The player with the most points in the shortest time will win $250 cash. 

Safety information

  • Basketball (like all sports) can be risky and can result in injury. It’s important that everyone acts in a safe and responsible way and acknowledges the risks before signing up.
  • If you are putting yourself or others in danger, behaving inappropriately, being violent or dangerous, you will be asked to leave and your team will be disqualified from the comp.

Participant Waiver

All team members must complete a Participant Waiver Form prior to playing (by a parent/guardian if you are under 18 years old).

A scanned copy or photo must be emailed to (minimum 1 day prior to your heat) or your team cannot participate.

Team timeslot

  • Your team must turn up at call time otherwise your team will be disqualified!
  • Teams will be allocated a time slot to arrive (depending on your age bracket) and estimated finish time (emailed to your team manager after registration is complete).

Team manager

Each team requires a team manager (can be a team member, friend, parent etc).

The team manager:

  • completes the registration form (including the name and email of each team member) and pay the entry fee.
  • is responsible for passing on all information to team members and ensuring the team turns up to the heat at the allocated time.
  • is responsible for making sure all members complete and return a Participant Waiver Form.