Due to government restrictions on events and gatherings, the Terms & Conditions for the Northern Composure Band Competition have been updated to accommodate online formats such as pre-recorded heats or finals. If you are a band participating in the competition, please review the updated Terms & Conditions as these may impact you.

General T&C's

1.    As at 1 March 2020, performers must be between 12 and 24 years of age. 
2.    The average age of all band members must not exceed 19 years old.
3.    Performers under 12 years of age must be approved by organisers as suitable for the competition.
4.    Bands cannot be signed to a record of publishing label.
5.    Bands will be divided into a pre-determined series of heats (depending on the number of applicants), with each band performing once only.
6.    One Judges Choice Winner and one Audience Choice Winner from each heat will be selected to go into the final. In the event of a draw, the judges will decide which band goes through, or there may be an option of extra finalists as determined by judges and organisers.
7.    Bands progressing to the finals will only be eligible for their respective awards e.g. an Audience Choice Heat winner cannot win the Judges Choice Award at the final and visa versa, the exception being when a band has won both categories at their heat.
8.    Audience Choice is selected by votes in both heats and finals. Only 1 vote is allowed per person.
9.    If a person is found to have submitted more than 1 vote, all votes associated with that voter will not be counted. If the person is found to be associated with the performer/band for whom they have voted more than once, the performer may be disqualified.
10.    A Wild Card band may go into the final if the judges feel that it is warranted.
11.    All bands must be available to play the night/s of the final/s. The final date/s will be announced on the Northern Composure Council webpage.  
12.    A vocal PA will be used for the Heats (recording or live event). You will require your own drum kit, instruments, amps etc. Small amps are also acceptable as they can be boosted through the PA system.
13.    Bands must supply a stage plot, and PA specs on request, prior to their heat/finals.
14.    These are “All Ages” alcohol and drug free events. Any performers found under the influence or in possession of alcohol or drugs in or near the performance/recording venue will be immediately disqualified without refund. 
15.    Bands are expected to tailor their performances appropriately for an under 18s audience.
16.    All material presented is to be original, or original artist properly acknowledged.
17.    The judge’s decision is final and no arguments will be entered into. Judging panel may comprise: youth workers, sound technicians, special guests and or sponsors.
18.    If more entries are received than there are places in the heats (18), bands will be selected from their demo CDs/USB. Demos to include minimum of three songs and will be judged on originality, musicianship, area the band is based, overall presentation and appeal to a youth audience. You will be asked to supply demo if needed.
19.    Due to the popularity of the contest and that it is sponsored by Northern Beaches Council, absolute preference is given to bands from the Northern Beaches region. Secondary preference goes to Northern Sydney region (Mosman, North Sydney, Ryde, Lane Cove, Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby, Hunters Hill & Willoughby). Other outside area bands will only be considered if available places are not taken up by bands from the Northern Beaches and Northern Sydney regions.
20.    Competing bands will be judged on the following five categories: Musicianship, Originality, Stage Presence, Youth Audience Appeal (10 points each) and for Overall Presentation (20 points) - for a total out of 60. Overall Presentation can include attitude, turning up on time, attendance at Band Briefing etc.
21.    Organisers take no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. Look after your stuff – do not leave it unattended at any time.
22.    Breaches in these conditions may result in disqualification or loss of points – with no refund of entry fee.
23.    It is the band’s responsibility to claim prizes from sponsors within six months or date set by sponsor. A letter of introduction will be provided indicating the band has won and this must be presented to the organisation providing the prize. Prizes are void after this time.
24.    Participants indemnify Northern Beaches Council and its agents for any actions, claims or demands of any kind resulting in personal injury, property loss or actions of band members. It is advised that the venue is covered under council public liability insurance coverage. Band members are advised to seek their own legal advice on their personal insurance requirements.
25.    The overall Judges Choice winners of previous Northern Composure band competitions are not eligible to enter into future Northern Composure band competitions.
26.    All band entry money must be received by Council before the date of your heat.
27.    Bands and band members (and their parent/guardian if under 18 years) agree to allow information, photos and video taken at events and recording sessions to be used for advertising or promotional purposes.
28.    All band members (and the parent/guardian of band members under 18 years) have read and understand the ‘Northern Composure Band Competition Terms & Conditions.

Live Performance Heats / Finals (With Audience) T&C's

1.    Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any competition event (heat or final) of any patron.
2.    For in person voting, no band member, or anyone associated with a band, may purchase extra entries, use found voting slips, copy voting slips, attempt to unfairly influence people in their voting choice, or in any way make more than one vote. This may lead to bands being disqualified. Only paying patrons may vote.
3.    For in person heats, stage time is strictly 40 minutes including set up time. Times may be altered if unforeseen situations arise. For in person finals at Glen Street Theatre, stage time is strictly 30 minutes including set up time.
4.    Prior to the competition commencing, bands may be given the opportunity to nominate preferred performance dates; however, organisers cannot guarantee dates. Bands are required to perform on the date nominated by the organiser.
5.    All bands must be at the venue by 6.00pm on the night of their heat for the line-up order draw (names drawn from a hat) and band briefing.
6.    If performers do not turn up or are late for their heat they will be disqualified and entry money will not be refunded.

Pre-Recorded Heats / Finals (Without Audience) T&C's

1.    For online voting, voters are able to vote once only and must submit their full name, valid email address, and postcode to vote. 
2.    For online heats/finals, set times should be 15-20 minutes for each band to accommodate online viewing. 
3.    Video & audio from recording sessions will be sent to an external panel of judges for scoring. Alternatively, if restrictions permit at the time, the expert judging panel may be invited to judge the performances live at the recording session.
4.    Video & audio from recording sessions will be published on the Northern Beaches Council website, KALOF YouTube Channel and promoted via KALOF and Council social media pages to encourage the public to view and vote for their favourite band.

Entry Fees

  • The cost of the entry is $50 (incl. GST) per band.
  • You will receive a confirmation email confirming acceptance of your application and advising of payment options.
  • The entry fee is only for bands who make the heats.
  • No pay/no play

Northern Composure is proudly sponsored and supported by Northern Beaches Council.