• Graffiti wall

If you’re a street artist on the Northern Beaches, we want you to know that graffiti culture has a place in our community. Street art floods drab corners with colour and light. It expresses identity and friendship and builds a sense of place.

Street Art Programs

Street Art programs are run at various locations across the northern beaches. Email the Youth Services Team for details or call on 9942 2401.

Find a Legal Graffiti Wall

Grab your cans and show your true colours at one of the Northern Beaches legal graffiti walls:

  • Allambie Oval soccer wall, Allambie Road
  • Millers Reserve soccer wall, Campbell Parade
  • Collaroy Plateau Oval soccer wall, Blandford Street
  • Wyatt Reserve soccer wall, Belrose
  • Passmore Reserve, Manly Vale (amenities block – wall facing road only)

Do the Right Thing

The Northern Beaches is one of the few areas that maintains legal graffiti walls and operates street art programs - so please do the right thing. Keep your tags off restricted places. Don’t paint surrounding structures and please put your used graffiti materials in a bin or take them home with you.

Know the Laws

There are laws about carrying graffiti implements such as spray cans and markers so familiarise yourself with these before using the legal walls. Street art is restricted in many places -  if you disregard this, you could get in trouble with the law and with members of the community.