The Food and Beverage industry on the Northern Beaches are looking to transition away from single-use disposable plastic items.

While it might not always be possible to use reusable products and systems, we can provide a list of sustainable suppliers to help cafes phase our single-use plastic.

Join the Sustainable Supplier list

Suppliers of sustainable products and services can register to be included on the supplier list by completing an EOI.

To be eligible to join the Sustainable Supplier list, all suppliers, products and services are assessed against several indicators.

The selection criteria are supported by Northern Beaches Council’s Single Use Plastic Policy and Waste Minimisation for Functions and Event’s Policy as well as current scientific research.

The EOI will remain open for businesses with the list being updated quarterly.

Access the Sustainable Supplier List

The list includes businesses that provide reusable items and systems (Swap and Go) and suppliers that stock sustainable materials.